Growing In Faith Together

Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) Worship is many things. It is small groups, discussion questions, and an activity or two. It is fellowship, friendship, and new relationships. It is talking and listening. It is everything we do when we are together in worship: Gathering, Word, Meal, Sending. But, mostly, it is Growing In Faith Together.

Inspired by the familiar words painted on the train trestle over I-45 near downtown Houston,
this year's theme is
"Be Someone"

February 24, 2019 - Be someone who does hard things

March 31, 2019 - Be someone who acts with wisdom

May 19, 2019 - Be someone together

Every 6-8 weeks, Zion meets in the Great Room for a more informal worship setting. We worship at round tables so we can see and hear one another better. We sit with people from every generation so we can know again that we are each a GIFT to the other.

GIFT Worship is traditional because we sing hymns, hear the scriptures and a sermon, and share in Holy Communion. GIFT Worship is also full of surprises. Maybe we'll show a Schoolhouse Rock video. Maybe you'll be challenged to a game or learn something new. Maybe you will laugh and be reminded of the joy of the Lord. 

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