Planning a Visit?

Come as you are!
There is no "dress code".  You'll see everything from shorts to suits. 
Mask Policy

While currently not mandatory, we ask everyone to wear a mask

while in the building for the safety and consideration of all.



Two parking lots are available. Our main parking lot is located across from the church on Beauchamp.  Our back lot, off of Pecore, offers closer access for those with mobility issues (including wheelchair access) or smaller children.


Sunday services include singing, prayer, and Biblical teaching / preaching.  Services last about an hour.


Each Sunday, we enjoy an "open table".  You do NOT have to be a certain age, Lutheran or even Christian to enjoy the goodness of God.  This is God's table and ALL are welcome.


We welcome children in church!  We believe in worshipping together as a family so we do not have a separate area for children during worship. 


For families that prefer a "cry room" or play room, there is one available at the back of the balcony with a window and speaker so  you can both hear and see the service.  

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