Enrollment and Tuition

Zion Lutheran Preschool consists of 5 classes:

  • Toddler A - 8 children/2 teachers (1-year-old and walking)

  • Toddler B - 8 children/2 teachers (1-year-old and walking)

  • Twos - 24 children/4 teachers

  • Threes - 24 children/3 teachers

  • PreK - 24 children/3 teachers


Children must be the age of the class they are entering on Sept. 1 of the enrollment year. 


Zion Lutheran Preschool is a part-time program with classes Tuesday-Thursday from 9-3pm with drop off beginning at 8:30am and an optional Parents' Day Out on Mondays. There are morning and afternoon extended care hours to those who need it from 3-5pm, Monday-Thursday. Zion is closed on Fridays.



Registration Fee: 

$100/year - current enrollees

$200/year - new enrollees

Supply Charge - $150/biannually



Toddlers - $480/month

Twos, Threes, PreK - $450/month

Zion Preschool Waitlist Registration

Zion Lutheran Preschool considers students for openings on a first-come, first-serve basis with the exception of priority given to its legacy families, those with siblings of current students, as well as Zion Church members.  


Please note: Our waitlist is quite long with a wait time of approximately 2 years for new families. Please keep this in mind throughout the registration process. We would love to welcome everyone, but we remain very small with a capacity of 90 students to best serve our families. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


If you would like to be considered for a position on the waitlist at Zion Lutheran Preschool, our registration process is as follows:


  • Fill out a waitlist form and mail or drop off with the waitlist fee.

  • After the form is received by the preschool office, you will receive an email detailing information about our next scheduled school tour.


  • Only after you have attended a school tour and submitted a $100 waitlist fee will you officially be on the waitlist.


Zion church members do not need to pay a registration fee. 


Because of the hefty waitlist, we ask that you register early. Tours are typically offered once monthly during the regular school year. Submitting a waitlist fee does not guarantee enrollment in our program. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the BEST preschool in the Heights!