There are many ways to help in worship at Zion.  No formal training or school required. God's Work, Our Hands.


Welcoming people to worship and being a smiling and friendly face can be done by just about anyone.  


Other duties of ushers include: passing out bulletins, collecting offering, and assisting those who need a little extra help.


If you are interested in using your talents on the usher team, contact Marvin Thielemann.


Acolytes are usually our Jr. and Sr. High aged kids.  They carry the cross during the processional and light and extinguish altar candles.  


It is never too early to start using your gifts to bless others!


To sign up to acolyte, contact the church office.

Assisting Minister

If you like to read, you can do this job!  Assisting Ministers are not trained pastors, but rather people just like you and I that help lead worship by reading scripture passages and prayers.  


If you are interested or have more questions about serving in this area, please contact the church office or Pastor Tracey.


Communion symbolizes the body and blood of our Lord.  Servers help distribute these sacraments along with the pastor and assisting minister.


To be a server, please contact the church office.


The services at Zion are projected onto three screens to make following our services easier.  


Projectionists simply advance the slides of a PowerPoint program by following a "script" that is provided.


To serve as a projectionist, contact Ruthann Garner.


The A-Team, or Altar Guild, help prepare communion and clean up after the service.  Set-up and clean-up both take minimal time and are tasks that can be done by almost any age.


For information or to sign up, contact Gerry Thielemann.